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SKY TG 24 Pianeta Internet Blog
US Elections 2004 (concluded)

Marco Montemagno develop and promote web projects since 10 years.

Marco is founder and CEO of software house Yakom , consulting company specialized in Internet projects.

Marco is Assistant Professor at Cattolica University, Milan (Italy), of "Theories and techniques of online communication", faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Professor Emilio Carelli.

Marco is a renowned speaker as well, hosting a tv show on SkyTG24 Television channel (some example here), directed by Emilio Carelli (about Internet, Blogs and news).
Periodically host as Internet expert, at RAI 3 Italian TV public channel, Neapolis daily show.

Specifically on file sharing law (Urbani's law) he's been audited by Italian Government in quality of IT expert, during audition held on april 6 2004, at Chamber of Deputies, about "Conversione in legge del decreto-legge 22 marzo 2004, n. 72, recante interventi per contrastare la diffusione telematica abusiva di materiale audiovisivo, nonché a sostegno delle attività cinematografiche e dello spettacolo" (4833). Text of relation is available here

Marco has created many well known Italian web sites:
-, forum about IT and political laws.
-, first, free, web site to collect consumers complaints.
- Grupster, first italian Social Networking web site.

Wrote "Web elections", first italian blogbook about Politics and Web.

Recent interviews (video):

SKY TG24 Pianeta Internet
RAI3, Neapolis, about: Cyber terrorism (.wmv, 11MB)