P2P Manifesto: Portuguese (Brazil) translation available

Ricardo da Silva Oliveira has done a Portuguese translation of P2P Manifesto.

You can download it here in pdf.

Thanks Ricardo I've really appreciated your effort and help :)

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P2P Manifesto: Spanish translation available

Perrer aka Samuel Gimeno Artigas has done a Spanish translation of P2P Manifesto ("P2P Manifiesto" !).

You can read it on his blog, download it in pdf or in Open office format (.sxw).

Samuel has also added an interesting comment that you can read below.

Thanks Samuel I've really appreciated your comments and your help :)

Samuel Gimeno Artigas says:
"Two days ago (19th January 2005), I was reading a mexican blog, Alt1040, about new technologies and Internet, quotes a text about P2P, I said myself certain that it's another text of thousands who exists already saying that P2P it's good as form of improve culturally or another similar subject, I settle on download the text that the blog gives very good epithets, it was an PDF file 

which have 30 pages entitled "P2P Manifesto", I settle on read it untroubled after dinner, I visit the web that links the post of the blog (http://montemagno.typepad.com/p2p_manifesto/), here i found a blog which haves the manifesto in html format, a comment of Robin Good about the manifesto and the webs who links to the manifesto. I saved the comment of Robin Good for read it after the manifesto.

Like almost all nights after dinner, I switch on my laptop, I maked me comfortable, I played some music on Xmms (Mp3 player of GNU/Linux) and I prepared to read the text which I save it all day long, I leave aside the manifesta and the comment for read it last. I read four or five texts which I had to read , I begun to read the manifesto.

I read it in a quarter of hour or less, before that I'm very surprised, I think that the praises it are very short, I choose to translate it into Spanish tomorrow.

The text has an totally new and different approach to all the others, he doesn't try to persuade to persuaded user of P2P networks and criticeze Majors for didn't realize the changes of the digital world, it preserve part of this premises but add a totally new , try to persuade to the companies and Majors to support P2P networks, because this allow they make a bigger promotion with cost almost zero and profits very quickly and persuade them that the methods who use to fight P2P are totally ineffective and expensive [ complaints and DRM (Digital Rights Management)] , the text follow a spanish saying : "If you can't with an enemy, unite with them".

I think that who may be the autor (Marco Montemagno), I suposse that must be an Italian Nacho Escolar or David Bravo (both are Spanish bloggers who support the P2P and the free diffusion of contents at the Net, besides to criticize the attitudes of the Majors in presence of new technologies).

I read the introduction of the comment of Robin Good , it surprises me to read that:

"Marco Montemagno, an Italian new media communication expert, entrepreneur and blogger, who has worked and collaborated with some of the most established media corporations including Italy's RAI and Murdoch's Sky TV network, has just published online a notable P2P manifesto, in which he shares his uncensored view of what the majors (established media) should expect from P2P and its unstoppable growth."

At this moment I remembered an axiom about revolutions that my philosophy teacher say me : "For the triumph of an revolution must be someone important of the regime which the revolution wants to down , supporting the revolution".

We hope for Rupert Murdoch (Murdoch is chief in News Corporation , company that haves in propiety 20th Century Fox , Fox TV , Sky , The Times , and some NBA and American Football League team , he has more power than add the power of Berlusconi and Polanco(their equivalents in Italy and Spain respectivement)) get used for the ideas of his employee and the revolution who brings the P2P will be a triumphant revolution and not frustated.

At this moment seem that will some hope with content producers like Fernando Vicente , producer of new technologies TV show , one of the two who broadcasts in Spain both in local channels, who broadcast Antena Aragon (a local Tv channel of Spanish region of Aragon), who allows to distribute it free his progam in the Net, by this it's the best seen program of his channel and had been known even Republic of Cuba.

We hope that soon practises the "P2P Manifesto" of Marco Montemagno and we can share free all that we love."

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P2P Manifesto: Italian Translation available

Thanks to  VedoVa_NeRa, P2P Manifesto has been translated in Italian.

You can find the italian version here.

Thanks a lot for help and support :)

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P2P Manifesto english version by Jaime

Jaime has done some english grammar fixes on original P2P manifesto.

These fixes, with other additions, will be included soon also in the original english P2P Manifesto release.

You can find the "patched" english P2P Manifesto here.

Thanks Jaime :)

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P2P Manifesto by Robin Good

Robin Good has written an excellent review of P2P Manifesto.

" Given the CC license I have taken permission to give my little contribution to Marco's excellent vision while giving him all the credit he deserves.

As an Italian myself I can probably better understand what he meant in those brave sentences and I have done my best to convey his key ideas in a shorter and more condensed format, while mixing here and there a little share of my own. ;-) http://tinyurl.com/528ph
Cheers to you Marco for your great vision! Robin"

Actually you can consider it the first "P2P Manifesto variant" (I personaly believe that Robin version  it's even better than the original P2P Manifesto !).


You can find it here

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P2P Manifesto: because P2P is unstoppable, positive for companies, for the market and for users

You can download P2P Manifesto from this link

“Quantity and quality of P2P technologies are inversely proportional to the numbers of lawsuits issued to stop P2P”
3rd Monty’s Law


  • P2P Manifesto Abstract   

  • P2P is unstoppable   

  • P2P is positive for Companies 

  • P2P is positive for the market 

  • P2P is good for users 

  • Suggested Web Sites, Blogs, Links 

P2P Manifesto Abstract:

P2P it’s a revolutionary technology. P2P is technically unstoppable.

Most of all, P2P it’s positive for companies, for the market and it’s good for users.

P2P has already proven to be an unbreakable technology.

Both centralized server systems and decentralized ones are evolving, improving every day, adding new features that makes, as a matter of fact, totally useless both complaints issued by Majors and technical surveilling countermeasures.

Companies can benefit by P2P technology both for empowering their products distribution (products, content, information, etc.) and for creating new kind of business.

P2P has refreshed the market by enlarging the number of players and the market size itself.

Users enjoy sharing all possible information.

It's natural that they have immediately adopted P2P technology because it allows them to have what they want when they want it.

Without intermediation and directly from the “info owner”.

File sharing is evolving to “social sharing” where individuals share all kind of social interesting information.

The swappers of today are becoming “file networkers”, individuals capable of creating large social networks that soon will be -paradoxically - the most desired ally of the Majors.

P2P will then soon become a more complex integrated system for sharing and networking (PnetP).

P2P is here to stay.

You can download P2P Manifesto from this link

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